February newsletter for Mythril Made and Heroes and Mortals Radio!

Welcome adventurers!

February we’re taking a little break as one of us travels the world a bit, but even while traveling we still try get a lot done. Read on for this month’s subscriber benefits and news updates!


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Foundations of Fantasy Book Series:

Our ongoing project of collecting and reprinting classic, hard-to-find, and out-of-print fantasy literature, to be published in our book The Foundations of Fantasy is proceeding nicely. The first book in the series is The Story of King Arthur and his Knights, written and illustrated by Howard Pyle in 1903, and we’re providing free digital PDFs of each chapter as we finish them, available in the Subscriber Only Content link above.

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To celebrate Tolkien Reading Day on March 25th, grab some middle-earth merch!



Last month we announced we are creating custom hand set letterpressed personalized notecards and prints. Hand set type is how the creators of moveable type printed hundreds of years ago, one letter at a time using wood (or in our case metal) molds of each letter, symbol, and character. While we have the letterpress equipment, hand made paper, natural inks and foils, to create everything, what we didn’t have were a variety of individual type faces. Luck was shining on us as we found a local book binder in Portland, OR who was getting rid of some old inventory, including two classic Hamilton Type Cabinets, full of hand set type, which we were able to grab at a very (very!) reasonable price. Our hand set type project is now geared up, we’ll be identifying the type faces we have and working up samples over the next few months!

Read more and view a small photo gallery on our blog at https://mythrilmade.com/handset-type-and-bookbinder-finds/.

We’re even more lucky to have customers like Madison, who left us this great review recently:

“Great mug!! I gave it to my dad as a Christmas present along with a new coffee maker and he loved it! We are big LOTR fans so it was a hit!”

– Madison

Hidden Door to Dwarfdom: Thermal Heat-Revealing Mug

Pour in the magic potion (in this case, just hot liquid!) to reveal the Hidden Door to Dwarfdom with a unique design inspired by The Door of Durin from Tolkien’s The Hobbit, in our one-of-a-kind thermal heat-revealing ceramic mug.


Heroes and Mortals Radio

Epic fantasy and sci-fi radio forged from the heroes and mortals of history and myth!

This February is a leap year so why not spend that extra day, Thursday the 29th, tuning in to our show, Progressive Visions (7-11pm PST), featuring prog, classic rock, and contemporary music inspired by science fiction!

Thank you all for taking the time to read through our newsletter this month. We wish you all the best, and thank you for your comments and ideas on both our Etsy shop products and our radio station.

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Sincerely, Mark and Jeff, the elf and hobbit from Mythril Made and Heroes and Mortals Radio.



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