Mythril Made and HAMR March: Honoring J.R.R. Tolkien

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Do you have a ring of power that needs disposing of? Read on, because not only will we tell you where to toss it(!), but spring has sprung and that means new products, new promos for our newsletter subscribers, a new (well, upcoming) radio event, and more, all of which we’ll tell you about below.


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Free Digital Content

New! Fantasy Coloring Book
For those that still like to color, bust out those crayons, pencils, markers, berry juice and bark, the blood of your enemies, or whatever it is you used to color with in your youth and get coloring. New to our subscriber only content, a free sample of our upcoming digital coloring books you can download, print, and get creative with! We’ll be releasing full versions of our coloring books in our shop this month.

Foundations of Fantasy Book Series
Don’t forget, as we finish new chapters in our restoration of the first book in our Foundations of Fantasy series, Howard Pyle’s 1903 The Story of King Arthur and his Knights, we’ll post the PDFs of each chapter available to read or download at the Subscriber only link above.

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New to our shop and available in the upcoming weeks, more “Scenes at the Shire” Cards!
One of our best sellers is our letterpress “Have Yourself a Merry Shire Christmas” card featuring a hand-drawn shire home, which we’ve already re-created in our Happy Birthday card (which has been selling really well too!). We’ve now created a host of other event cards with the same artwork and same shire art style expanded to include Mother and Father’s Day, Graduation, Get Well, Congratulations, and similar cards to cover every event and card-worthy moment. We’re rolling these out over the next several weeks so check our shop often for new card releases.

Here’s a very kind review from a happy Mythril Made customer:

“Absolutely amazing card, and also included a small pendant I’ll be gifting to the bride, though I don’t know if this should always be expected, it was a pleasant surprise!.”
– Randy

(Btw yes, we include little dragon, tree of life, sun and moon, or other little charms in all our packages, just a small way of way of saying thank you, and we just picked up some raven skull charms for our Viking card fans!).

Want a charm for yourself? There are cheaper ways to do it, but you can get one buy purchasing something from our shop!

Now, about that ring of power…


Heroes and Mortals Radio

Epic fantasy and sci-fi radio forged from the heroes and mortals of history and myth!

March 25th is coming up and why is that special? That’s the day Frodo (with a LOT of help from Sam, the rest of the Fellowship, and all the free people’s of middle-earth) destroyed the One Ring by tossing it in to Mount Doom, destroying Sauron’s increasing grip on middle-earth. March 25th has become a holiday among Tolkien fandom and by way of The Tolkien Society has been dubbed “Tolkien Reading Day” where fans read their favorite passages and offer up a toast “To The Professor” to honor and celebrate the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. We too celebrate, but with music!

Starting March 24th, tune in to Heroes and Mortals Radio for 3 days of specially curated music and audio inspired by Tolkien’s middle-earth, from audio clips and readings to prog rock and contemporary music, film and game soundtracks and so much more. The music of middle-earth is what inspired us to create our radio station and we’d love to share that music with you. If you need a soundtrack while you destroy your own ring of power (pro tip: throw it into the fires of Mount Doom, other fires won’t do), tune in to HAMR.


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