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We’re currently running a 10% discount off three new letterpress cards (ends May 2nd), see below for more information.

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Happy Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation.
Our best selling product line, “Shire Scenes”, has expanded to include cards for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and a Happy Graduation card. We teased these last month but all three cards are now available in our shop and are currently on sale for 10% off.

If you have a mom, dad, or soon to be graduate that longs to live in the shire, these are the perfect card for them.

Custom Orders
We’ve begun accepting limited custom orders in our Etsy shop. If you like any of our existing products, but want a different color card stock or stationary paper or have specific art work you want included, we now can handle those requests directly through Etsy. To request a custom order, please visit our shop at https://mythrilmade.etsy.com and click the “Request Custom Order” button to send us specifics on your custom request. We’ll get back to you with more information and costs.

Custom Hand-set Type Notecards and Stationary
We’re still developing out our custom hand-set type products and building out our studio and equipment to provide completely hand-made and custom printed note cards and stationary, stay tuned for some updates next month (such as our recently acquired Chandler & Price press) and expanded products lines this summer!

Positive reviews keep us motivated, and sometimes the 5 stars we get says a bit more than the accompanying comment, but we really do appreciate the comments too, even when they’re a bit dry. :-)

“I am pleased with the item.”

– David

And yes, David very kindly gave us 5 stars which we greatly appreciate.


Heroes and Mortals Radio

Epic fantasy and sci-fi radio forged from the heroes and mortals of history and myth!

A lot of you probably think “These guys are all about middle-earth, what about all the other worlds that deserve attention?”. A lot of you are correct, and while middle-earth is certainly where we spend most of our time, we also venture into other worlds, and soon we’ll be venturing into the world of Star Wars with our annual May the Fourth Be With You Mythic Radio Event! May 4th (get it, May Fourth…May the Force…?) we celebrate with a day long play of the music of Star Wars and the brilliance of John Williams (and others) who created the iconic music that brought those movies to life.


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Mythril Made

Mark and Jeff, the Jedi Academy dropouts from Mythril Made and Heroes and Mortals Radio.



P.S. Mother’s Day is May 12th and Father’s Day is June 16th, and if your graduate, well, didn’t graduate(!), get them a little something anyhow!

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