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Thanks to all of you that have signed up for our newsletter, we’ll keep things brief this month as we know everyone is busy with holiday and end of the year items, but below, check out what we have planned at Mythil Made, some released content for the King Arthur book we’re restoring, and upcoming holiday tunes on Heroes and Mortals Radio!

Mythril Made News & Products

We finally have a website! You can now visit us at https://mythrilmade.com. Given one of us is a web designer, it took an unusually long time to get our own site up, but, we have one now so bookmark it, check it often for more frequent updates, and for access to your subscriber content which is only for our newsletter subscribers (see below for more info).

On the product side, we have quite a few new products and designs in the pipeline but we’re most excited about our high-end custom personalized products coming out early next year (check back in Jan and Feb for more details).

We had a very successful year and are glad to still receive overwhelmingly positive reviews, these are what keep us going, especially comments like this:

“These coasters are wonderful!! Bought as a Christmas gift & exceeded expectations!! From the lightning fast shipping to the quality of the product, I am so happy—Will definitely be buying from this shop again in the future!! :)”
– WonderWoman30

Shire Homes, Ceramic Tile Middle-Earth Themed Coaster Set, 4 Unique Designs Inspired by The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

Relax in middle-earth with our “Shire Homes” coaster set featuring 4 unique water-color style pieces of Hobbit-inspired art work with a glossy finish.

View this product and more in our Etsy store.

Upcoming Mythril Made Sales & Promotions

After you’ve rested from the holiday and new years’ celebrations, take a peek at our shop again for our upcoming January sales and promo codes:

Up to 20% on select Valentine’s Day cards and products at mythrilmade.etsy.com

Starting January 1, 2024

Discount is automatically applied to on sale products, no coupon code needed!

Use the coupon code below for 15% off any purchase today through January 31, 2024
(exclusively for our newsletter subscribers)
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Special Subscriber Only Content

Last month we announced The Foundations of Fantasy: Celebrating the authors and stories that built the foundations of modern fantasy by reproducing and reintroducing out of print and hard to find classic literature, handcrafted to honor the printmakers and artists that helped bring their tales to life.

This is an ongoing project for us and the first book in the series is The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle. As promised last month, while we work to restore this out of print book, we’ll be posting chapters for you to read on our mythrilmade.com website. Just like the serial stories of the early 1900s, every couple weeks or so we’ll add new chapters and when we’re done with the book restoration we’ll be printing the book with a mix of modern and traditional printing techniques and special add-ons and inserts.

You can access the subscriber only content by going to https://mythrilmade.com/newsletter/ and clicking the “Access Subscriber Only Content” button.

You’ll need a password to enter, and that password is…

*** This content is only for subscribers to our newsletter ***
Check that page often as we’ll also be adding other newsletter subscriber only content in the near future and we have a few give aways and promotions planned for next year too!

Heroes and Mortals Radio

Epic fantasy and sci-fi radio forged from the heroes and mortals of history and myth!

December means it’s time for our annual Holiday Hearth Mythic Event! An extended play of holiday classics, quite a few tunes you may not have heard, and classic radio plays and dramas including ‘A Christmas Carol’ from 1938 and ‘The Snow Queen’, all in the spirit of the Yuletide. Whether Santa is visiting you or Krampus has you on his list, we’re sure you deserve good tunes for the holiday, so listen in to Heroes and Mortals Radio, Thursday December 21st through Monday December 25th for our Holiday Hearth Mythic Event! More information available one our HAMR website at https://heroesandmortals.com/holiday-hearth/.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through our newsletter this month and most of all supporting us this year. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday and a wonderful new year.

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Mythril Made

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