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Foundations of Fantasy Book Series: King Arthur and his Knights, Free Digital Content:

Our newest project, collecting and reprinting classic, hard-to-find, and out-of-print fantasy literature, is proceeding and as we develop out chapters we’re sharing them with subscribers digitally. The first book in the series (which we’ll be working on for much of this year) is The Story of King Arthur and his Knights, written and illustrated by Howard Pyle in 1903, republished as the Brandywine Edition in 1933, and undoubtedly an influence on J.R.R. Tolkien. You can access chapters 1-3 (with more on the way) via the Subscriber Only Content link above.

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We’re excited to be working on a new product line that will both test our skills and showcase what we most enjoy doing, creating handcrafted products from scratch:

Hand set letterpressed personalized notecards and prints.

With hand set type, rather than having a physical plate made from a digital file and film negative, to use in printing, each letter is set by hand from a pre-cast type set, just as the masters of old did. Due to the nature of this type set we’re reserving this for personalized custom products, using the highest quality paper, unique product options, and of course printed by our own Master Printer. The more handcrafted the process, the more we enjoy making it, the more authentic the product, and the more we feel we’re crafting and creating just as the dwarves and elves of middle-earth did. We’re currently nailing down our process and product options so keep an eye out in the upcoming months for this “First Age” line of products from us.

As always, here’s a very kind review from a happy Mythril Made customer that we’d like to share and feel captures why we like what we do:

“Fantastic seller. The card looks wonderful, arrived incredibly quickly, was really well packed and the seller was quick and helpful with communicating. They also have a cool radio station online.”
– nkellstadt

Christmas is Coming: Fantasy inspired Hand-crafted Letterpress Card – House Dragon

Inspired by Game of Thrones, hand-printed letterpress cards with the phrase “Christmas is Coming” pressed boldly across the top of the card in a dark gray ink and a hand-pressed copper foil dragon underneath.

Did someone say cool radio station…?

Heroes and Mortals Radio

Epic fantasy and sci-fi radio forged from the heroes and mortals of history and myth!

The end of and beginning of the year are always busy ones for us at the radio station as we host two Mythic Events back-to-back: Hoiday Hearth and Tolkien’s Birthday! Hopefully many of you enjoyed our week+ long Yule celebration, Holiday Hearth, and as those celebrations slowed down, we got right back to it on January 3rd to celebrate J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday with a day long play of music and audio inspired by middle-earth. If you long for more middle-earth, tune in every week for Tolkien Tuesdays and bookmark March 25th for Tolkien Reading Day, our most popular middle-earth themed Mythic Event of the year.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through our newsletter this month. We hope everyone has a fantastic new year, after all, it’s the Year of the Dragon, how could you not?

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Mythril Made

Sincerely, Jeff and Mark, the wannabe dragon riders from
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